We created Lightning Law to increase access to evidence, to make the search for justice more efficient, and to lighten the burden on our courts.

Our Story

Necessity is the mother of invention. Lightning Law began when an attorney wanted to spend less time in hotels and airplanes and more time at home. But how could one effectively meet with clients, attend mediations, take depositions and argue at hearings with the business video and document tools that existed in 2019? It was too clunky, screen sharing and sending files were not the answer. There had to be a better "lawyer specific" way.

And so, Lightning Law was born, a legal technology platform with the tools to practice law and emulate the in person lawyer experience. Along the way we found that these tools did more than recreate legal meetings and proceedings, they enhanced them, making lawyers faster, smarter and better advocates.

Lightning Law is a true integration of electronic documents and video, allowing for easy and efficient online workflow, with many happy clients and attorneys.

Travel less, reduce client costs and get better results.
Attorneys want to save their clients' money, spend more time with their families and less time engaged in business travel. Lightning Law is the answer.

Our Goal

Our goal is to move justice online to increase access to justice and reduce redundancies that result from constantly shifting from all the different business software attorneys typically use to get their work done. On our platform you meet with clients and they upload their documents and video files. Instead of sending emails back and forth you can annotate those documents, communicating with your clients right in their war room. Next time you meet via video, it is right there, next to those documents, in the same virtual conference room where you met before and have been working.

Those same documents become part of your workflow as then create a meeting with an expert and share those documents, controlling who can see, annotate or download or print them. When it comes time to mediate, the documents and video (also annotatable) are all right there in Lightning Law, where your mediation will take place. Soon there will be no reason to leave the platform where you can depose and someday go to Court.

Along the way, we see ways to make a difference for all litigants.

Remote legal proceedings can deliver essential translators, make scheduling mediations and depositions easier, and can allow in-court appearances for litigants. Remote proceedings effectively open the courthouse doors to those who might otherwise never “step foot” in it. More justice brings more light.

Our Team

Alisa Brodkowitz


Alisa is the past president of King County Washington Women Lawyers and of the Aviation Section of the American Association of Justice. Frustrated with the limited tools available to practice law remotely remote depositions or present witnesses remotely at trial Alisa founded Lightning Law to provide a solution to these problems. Along the way, she found that by innovating in the area of remote legal services she could help increase access to justice and empower pro bono attorneys and their clients. Lightning Law blends her goals of remote litigation, equitable treatment of court reporters and other legal service providers and low-cost entry into a system that benefits all parties.

Scott Graff


Scott Graff has spent over 24 years as an engineer at Microsoft. For over fifteen years his specific area involved the .gov sector, building high security solutions. He has deep experience with Azure integrations. A senior engineer, he is CTO and Chief Architect at Lightning Law. Scott believes in engineering for social impact as a way to  change the world. He and Alisa have been friends for over 25 years and dreaming of Lightning Law for the past ten.

Dineen Squillante

Stenographic Advisor

Dineen is a certified stenographer covering Vermont, New York, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. She has owned and operated her own stenography business, Double D Reporting, since 1994. As an active member of the National Court Reporters Association, Dineen has unique insight into the pulse of the court reporting industry and the opportunities available to stenographers taking testimony remotely. With Lightning Law, Dineen is a Stenographic/Business Relations Director.

Gary McDonough

Head of Sales

Gary has been leading sales and marketing activities for 26 years across multiple industries including Legal, Financial, and Government sectors.  Leveraging his expertise in digital transformation, he has driven transformation of existing traditional and non-digital business processes and services, to meet with the evolving market and customer expectations. He has led both small and large teams of sales and marketing professionals and has extensive experience in designing sales strategies and educational programs leading companies to increased levels of success.

Jdg. Laura Inveen (ret.)

Advisory Board Member

Judge Inveen joined the Lightning Law Advisory Board in 2020, following her retirement and tenure of 27 years as King County Superior Court Judge. As a powerful voice in both King County and Washington state judicial affairs, Judge Inveen brings valuable expertise to Lightning Law’s courtroom operations.