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Powers of the Stenographer

You play an important role as the check that balances interactions within the legal system. Despite this, the value of your work is too often discounted.

Lightning Law wants to change that by giving freelance stenographers the power to oversee all aspects of the legal proceedings you transcribe on our platform.

Online legal proceedings that are fun to transcribe!

Our solution allows you to upload your completed transcript directly to the case, where lawyers must pay before being able to download.

  • You get full access to electronic receipts from each transcript request.
  • Lawyers provide the date by which they want to receive rough and certified transcripts.
  • You are paid extra for rushed transcripts.

Manage exhibits

Stamping an exhibit is as easy as clicking a button.

  • Exhibits are placed into legal hold through Lightning Law and available to lawyers immediately for download.
  • Marks contain the chronological order in which exhibits were stamped for easy recall.
  • Stamp exhibits anytime during or after the proceeding.

Get quick and reliable payouts

Your earnings should match the weight of your role. Stenographers, on average, will earn more for appearance and transcription fees per proceeding across the board when performing freelance work with Lightning Law, compared to working for most firms.

  • Get paid your appearance fee within 24 hours from the completion of the proceeding and your per-transcript fee after uploading the Certified Transcript.
  • Payments are deposited into your connected bank account immediately through the Stripe payment system.
  • Transcripts are not viewable or downloadable until they have been purchased.

Scheduling that works for you

When creating the proceeding, lawyers input the start and estimated end times. Electronic transcript orders ensure that you know how many copies you are responsible for.

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