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Online dispute resolution tools for mediators, lawyers, and their clients.

Lightning Law provides a secure online system for parties to find solutions they can trust and agree on.

Designed by mediators and lawyers, our dispute resolution tool includes features guaranteed to streamline mediation success.

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Live document viewing

Lightning Law's real time document viewing features keeps discussion flowing and provides visual emphasis for parties making their points.

  • View documents side-by-side with your video stream.
  • Parties may annotate their documents in real time.
  • Document uploading is available before or during the mediation, with cloud storage supported by Microsoft Azure.

Personal remote interactions

Guide parties to a resolution with face-to-face interactions through live video conferencing.

Mediation is more easily facilitated when the mediator can pick up on emotional cues. Lightning Law's platform is built to blend the personal nature of in-person mediation with the efficiency of online dispute resolution tools.

Positive environments for discussion

Our suite of tools and work flows provides mediators and parties with the focus necessary to drive disputes towards resolution and successfully follow-up.