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Lightning Law accelerates and simplifies the deposition process.

Our clients enjoy faster scheduling, seamless video conferencing, and no unnecessary fees. It’s a new way to take testimony: The Lightning Law way.

Transparent pricing

Our pricing is affordable and transparent. No frivolous charges for lawyers, and court reporters are paid immediately.

Improved workflow

Lightning Law prioritizes the needs and workflow of court reporters. See how our platform makes freelancing easy.

Feature-rich interface

Our depositions have all the features lawyers need to ensure quality testimony and efficient discovery.

Indisputable security

For video testimony to be admissible, the security measures must be unassailable. Lightning Law guarantees safe links, security and encryption at all access points, and identity verification for all third-party attendees. Your Lightning Law testimony will be indisputable.

Depose anyone from anywhere

Everyone wants a judicial system that proceeds without delay. Everyone wants to expedite justice. At Lightning Law, we offer tools to make remote depositions more efficient, while lightening the burden on the courts. Just sign up, schedule a deposition, and begin! No hoops, loopholes, or unnecessary sign-up fees.

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