Your one
end-to-end platform

for attorney-client video consultations
and remote mediations

An end-to-end platform for remote testimony, mediations, and legal proceedings.

No matter what role you play, Lightning Law has a solution for your workflow needs.

Attorney-Client Video Consultations

Video call with your clients while viewing their documents and obtaining e-signatures.

All in real time and all in the same secure place.

No more tabbing through a patchwork of applications to manage, show, share, sign and annotate videos and documents.  

Your materials and notes stay with the meeting so you can easily return to continue your work during your next video call.

Remote Mediations Designed by Mediators

‍Get paid same day for mediating a case on Lightning Law.

Advanced tools like offer and demand tracking for you.

‍Collaborative mediation agreement drafting and e-signing for lawyers.

Move between virtual rooms using our proprietary door knock feature so you never enter uninvited.

Creating Access to Justice through Pro Bono

We believe that advanced remote legal software is far too important to be accessible only to those who can pay.

So, we give our software to Pro Bono lawyers.

We are currently working with pro bono immigration attorneys and refugees.

Please get in touch if you believe that your pro bono organization would benefit from a partnership.

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reach out to the Lightning Law team.

We will answer any questions you may have, demonstrate the usability and value of our remote litigation software, and help you find the tool that's best suited for you.

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Indisputable Security

Lightning Law uses Microsoft Azure's government-level servers to store our clients' sensitive documents and information. When using the platform, you can be certain that all servers are CJIS, ISO, HIPAA, and ITAR certified.

View the comprehensive list of Azure's compliance offerings

Online Justice, Anywhere

Everyone wants a judicial system that proceeds without delay. Everyone wants to expedite justice. At Lightning Law, we offer tools to make remote proceedings more efficient, while lightening the burden on the courts. Just sign up, schedule a mediation or deposition and begin. No hoops, loopholes, or unnecessary sign-up fees.

Online Legal Proceedings

Prepare for your legal proceeding in one place with Lightning Law's straightforward software. During and after the setup process, users able to invite participants; co-counsel, opposing counsel, insurers, mediators or stenographers.

Draft outlines and add documents prior to the proceeding. You decide which documents to share, with whom and when.

A desktop screen and a laptop screen showcase an example of online legal meetings and proceedings.

Streamlined Payment for Legal Vendors

Vendors such as mediators and stenographers are paid through the Lightning Law platform upon conclusion of the proceeding, making it easy to track and divide costs.

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